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Your Safety

Your Safety

Travelling by coach is still one of the safest means of transport.

To ensure your safety, we at Hermès Line go to great lengths. It is a daily concern, for our coaches as well as our drivers.

Well-trained and experienced drivers: safety at all levels

Our drivers are highly experienced and have been carefully selected.

They are all required to present a declaration of good conduct, both at the time of their recruitment and every year after that, as long as they are on our payroll. All of them undergo a medical examination before they start working for us and repeat this examination every year.

In addition, our drivers regularly participate in driver training (for example, on how to drive in the snow or on slippery roads) or training sessions on how to monitor safety on the bus.

To guarantee your safety in optimal conditions, we create the best possible work environment for our drivers.

We see to it that the daily and weekly driving times and rest periods are always respected, so that our drivers get behind the wheel feeling fresh and full of energy.

All our drivers have experience working with children. They make a point of parking in safe areas, to allow the children to get on and off the coach safely.

New coaches, well maintained and equipped with state-of-the-art technology

Our coaches are new, carefully maintained and are systematically and thoroughly cleaned before each ride.

Each seat has its own integrated safety belt. This is a crucial feature to us, as it guarantees the safety of all our drivers, especially for school transport.

The wide-angle mirrors optimise safety by creating better visibility.

The air suspension system improves road holding as well as safety.

Our coaches contain a geolocation system that allows us to determine the exact location of all our vehicles at any time and in real time.

Finally, a control system enables us to verify the driving times, rest periods and speed and even monitor driving behaviour.

Other smart features are in place to guarantee your safety, such as the following:

  • A TPM-system (Tyre Pressure Monitoring) to monitor tyre pressure. After all, an ideal tyre pressure is essential for the safety of our coaches, as a low tyre pressure may speed up wear and tear, which in turn may be detrimental to safety.
  • An ABS-system, an Anti-lock Braking System that decreases stopping distances under all circumstances, again to enhance safety.

Transportation Office of the Schola Europaea (Ixelles) - Ixelles

We have been working with the company Hermès-Lines for a few years now and we are fully satisfied by both their services as by their speed to handle our requests. The drivers are always smiling, the coaches are correctly maintained, the offers and invoices are very clear. We would recommend without any hesitation Hermès-Lines!

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Hermès Lines is an all-in-one solution: flexible, punctual, earnest, comfortable and luxurious, yet also affordable. Read more about it on this page.

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From our first contact to the end of your trip, we aim to offer you a personalised service, with quality and customer satisfaction at the heart of it all.
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