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Renting a bus for long distances

Renting a bus for long distances

When selecting our coaches for short distances, we used several criteria : we wanted to offer our passengers maximum comfort and maximum safety while at the same time reducing our ecological footprint as much as possible.

Designed by the German company MAN, known for its reliability, our LION’S COACH buses have a fine finish, both inside and outside. Moreover, they are extremely comfortable and meet EURO6 norms, the new European environmental regulations.

Let’s put a spotlight on the main assets of our autocars Lion’s Coach buses !

Travelling long distances in all safety

  • Travelling by coach is still one of the safest means of transport,
  • Our coaches are new and are carefully maintained and cleaned before each trip,
  • Each seat has its own integrated safety belt,
  • Our vehicles all have wide-angle mirrors to optimise safety by creating better visibility,
  • Pneumatic suspension ensures a perfect road holding and safety,
  • A geolocation system allows us to determine the exact location of each vehicle at any time and in real time,
  • A control system allows us to verify driving times and rest periods and even monitor driving behaviour,
  • Our coaches are all equipped with smart features to guarantee your safety
    • A Tyre Pressure Monitoring system (TPM) to monitor tyre pressure. After all, an ideal tyre pressure is essential for the safety of our coaches, as a low tyre pressure may speed up wear and tear, which in turn may be detrimental to safety,
    • An Anti-lock Braking System (ABS),
    • An Electronic Braking System (EBS), ensuring reliable braking behaviour. It comprises the Brake Assist (BA), the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and the Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR),
    • Fire detectors in the engine compartment and the heating system.

For your comfort and well-being, our buses for long distances all have the following features

  • First-class comfort, with only the very best,
  • 55 seats, 53 for the passengers and one for the attendant,
  • Reclinable seats,
  • Safety belts integrated into all seats,
  • Fold-down tables with a beverage holder integrated into each seat,
  • An open and spacious interior,
  • Ample room to move to accommodate even the longest legs,
  • Large luggage racks above the seats,
  • WiFi,
  • Tinted windows,
  • Air conditioning,
  • Night lighting,
  • Individual lights with reading, group and standby mode,
  • Loudspeakers integrated above the seats with individual volume buttons,
  • A staff call button,
  • A kitchenette,
  • A hot beverage dispenser (coffee, tea, hot chocolate),
  • A refrigerator,
  • Video screens,
  • A toilet, wash basin and mirror,
  • An integrated microphone for the guide,
  • Pneumatic suspension for your comfort,
  • Silent operation,
  • A large luggage compartment. 

Excellent performance, in every possible way

  • One of the cleanest means of transport, with the best efficiency/CO2 footprint ratio,
  • Engines with state-of-the-art technology that meet EURO 6 norms, the strictest environmental norms possible. This allows us to enter low emission zones, which are zones with limited traffic located in the centre of large cities, created to combat air pollution. These are already in place in various European capitals and are expected to further spread to the rest of Europe and Belgium,
  • Fuel tanks for greater autonomy,
  • Pneumatic suspension for perfect road holding, comfort and safety,
  • Hardly any noise nuisance.

Hermès Lines Lion’s Regio buses will get you to your destination in all peace and quiet and in the best possible circumstances.

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We have been working with the company Hermès-Lines for a few years now and we are fully satisfied by both their services as by their speed to handle our requests. The drivers are always smiling, the coaches are correctly maintained, the offers and invoices are very clear. We would recommend without any hesitation Hermès-Lines!

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